Friday, March 21, 2008

The agile mini book - a 6 week series

About 2 years, ago, I spoke with someone about writing an agile mini book. I wrote the book, but things changed, and it wasn't published. Now I decided, to publish it, chapter by chapter, week by week so for the next 6 weeks this is what can be expected:

CH1: Problems and causes
CH2: Agile methodologies
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Agile menifesto and principles
2.3 Agile methodologies, practices, properties and tools
2.4 XP
2.6 Crystal Clear
2.7 Lean Software Development
2.8 AMDD
2.9 DSDM
2.10 FDD
2.11 Adaptive Software Development
CH3: Communicating
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Communicating with the customer
3.2.1 Requirements
3.2.2 Set based development
3.2.3 Feedback
3.3.4 Showing progress
3.3 Communicating inside the team
3.4 Improving communication: quality vs quantity
3.5 Collaborating
CH4: Learning and adapting
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Circle of life - learning and adapting
4.3 Reflective improvement
CH5: Managing and organizing
5.1 A small agile process practice sample
5.2 Iterative and Incremental process
5.3 Adaptive planning strategy
5.4 Evolutionary design strategy
5.5 Fast delivery strategy
5.6 People first strategy

CH6: Quality and testing
6.1 Internal and external quality of a system
6.2 Automated tests and manual testing
6.3 Test Driven Development

I hope you'll enjoy reading the 80 pages. Each chapter will also be available for download for free, as a pdf.



Libin Pan said...

Looks like a great list!

Look forward to seeing the pages!

Calin Iepure said...

I am interested to study this subject.

Andrei Ignat said...

Waiting for more!