Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 greatest technologies of the last 13 years in my programming career

I was thinking today about the greatest programming languages, frameworks and technologies that really had an impact in my life and career as a programmer.

I will start from the beginning:

1. Java (In 2000 I had the choice of using C++ or Java, and I thought Java was incredible. In the meanwhile it might have come and gone)

2. JSP and Expression Language EL - Web programming with Servlets wasn't exactly easy

3. Hibernate - the ORM that showed it is possible

4. Ruby On Rails  - the MVC framework that simplified and let to better organised web application code forever

5. C# and .NET - The Monorail/Activerecord/Castle frameworks - like Java, they came and now they're obsolete, at least for me. But in 2005, boy they were great!

6. Apache Lucene  - searching for words in text would never be the same as before.

7. Javascript and jQuery - when I realised how powerful Javascript can be, I started to really doubt the power of static languages

8. HTML5/CSS3 - web would never be the same after this (CSS transforms and HTML5 canvas will change the world forever). And combined with PhoneGap led to TaiaApps out first iPad app, with a 3D UI ( )

9. NoSQL databases - CouchDB - thinking about databases and how they keep data is now changed, as I said before - forever. Guess what powers TaiaApps?

10. Python - Flask/SQLAlchemy - no doubt Python is a great language, but SQLAlchemy is by far the greatest ORM I have ever used.

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